NewSchool of Architecture & Design Lecture Series

Dr. Xenia Vytuleva: “Architectures vs. the Institutes of Brain” 
Wednesday April 10 @  7:00PM, Auditorium

2018 Lecture Series Calendar

Bob Condia: “Applied Neuroscience for Architects: How Architecture Means Something”
Thursday, February 8th @1.00PM, T1 Classroom

Alessandro Gattara “Architectural Empathy: Embodied Simulation in OFfice Interiors” 
Friday, May 4 @ NewSchool

Michael Arbib: “From Frogs’ Brains to the Drawing of Buildings”
Wednesday, May 9th @6.30PM, Auditorium

Marvin Malecha: “Believing in the Teaching of Design”
Wednesday, November 14 @ NewSchool

Raymond Richard Neutra | Neutra’s Nearness to Nature: Why and How
Tuesday, September 18th @ NewSchool HangTen Conference Room

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