A Publication of the Advisory Council of ANFA

Editor: Michael A. Arbib

ANFA Board of Directors Liaison: Matt Smith, Fred Marks

The symbols N«A and  signal that this new blog will be devoted to interactions between architecture and neuroscience (and cognitive science more generally) in both directions. It will be posted at irregular intervals on the ANFA Website ( and will have dissemination of views of members of the ANFA Advisory Council as its main purpose.

This blog will include not only postings from the Advisory Council (but also invited postings by other contributors and selected commentaries. Each posting will express the personal opinions of its author and this may or may not coincide with official positions of ANFA. I welcome correspondence on N«A at If you wish to offer a commentary for posting, please state this in your message, but note that the blog is curated and that my decision as to what commentaries to publish will be final.

Michael Arbib

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