Claire B. Gallagher, M.ARCH., EDD. Associate AI

Professor, School of Education, Georgian Court University
Lakewood, NJ


Claire is a researcher and educator whose areas of expertise are pedagogy and school design, and architecture education. An award-winning practitioner, her work with community-based design, interdisciplinary instruction, and children as advocates for change in the built environment has allowed her to participate in a variety of activities and with a broad array of individuals ranging in age from preschool children to lifelong learners. With experience teaching both design and teacher education, she has worked with museums, school districts, research groups, and individuals to bring architects and educators together in projects based in the U.S and abroad. Curricula she has designed include those for Fallingwater (a project of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy), the Charter High School for Architecture and Design of Philadelphia, the Republic of Ireland, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Heinz Architectural Center, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art; she is past chair of the Leadership Group of the American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education.

ANFA Themes

I have been interested in the effects of the spaces on behavior since my doctoral work in which I studied the effects of children’s autonomy in neighborhoods on their visual and spatial literacy as evident in their urban designs. During that time, I was teaching design studio at Carnegie Mellon University, where John Eberhard was Chair. It was through conversations with him and a future introduction to Tom Albright that my two worlds, architecture and school design, merged through ANFA. My current position as a Professor in a School of Education has brought me full circle and allows me to bring my neuroscience and education interests to those who will be teaching children and young adults for the foreseeable future, encouraging them to be advocates for schools that reinforce pedagogy in their designs, that nurture, and that create a sense of security that encourages teaching and learning.

Selected Publications

Dale, J. & Gallagher, C. (2015) “The challenges of research and the shaping of learning spaces”. Learning by Design, a publication of EDspaces, Silver Spring, MD.

Mäkelä, T., Kankaanranta, M., & Gallagher, C. (2014). “Involving students in the redesign of learning environments conducive to learning and wellbeing”. In Proceedings of the 6th Annual Architectural Research Symposium in Finland 2014: Designing and Planning the Built Environment for Human Well-Being (pp. 268-282). Oulun yliopiston Arkkitehtuurin osasto.

Gallagher, C. (2014). “I was so glad to be in school here’: Religious organizations and the school on Ellis Island in the early 1900s”, in Marten, J. (ed.) Children and Youth during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. New York, NY: NYU Press.

Gallagher, C. (2010). “Diversité des enfants en milieu urbain et conception holistique de la ville” (“Urban Children’s Diversity and Holistic City Design”) in Arleo, A. (ed.) Cultures enfantines: universalité et diversité. Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes.