Harry Francis Mallgrave, PhD Hon RIBA


Harry Francis Mallgrave is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus from Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his PhD in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and, in addition to teaching, has worked as an architect, translator, editor, and award-winning scholar. He has published more than a dozen books on themes related to architectural history and theory

ANFA Themes

Architecture is the medium in which the human organism and its culture is nurtured. I believe we are at the stage where the newer models of the humanities and biological sciences, together with the technologies at our disposal, allow us to explore in depth the nature of the architectural experience: its emotional and multimodal dimensions. The purpose of this study, succinctly, is to design built environments (prosthetics) better fitted to the human organism. The nature of the space in which we move, its ambience and atmospheric coloration, the air that we inhale, the soundscape in which we give voice, the scale of forms in which we house ourselves, their materials, textures, and relations—all are dynamic experiences of a vital organism that require different design approaches and strategies than in the past. The question is how and in what way can ANFA best contribute to this effort.

Selected Publications

From Object to Experience: The New Culture of Design (2018)

Architecture and Embodiment: The Implications of the New Sciences and Humanities for Design (2013)

The Architect’s Brain: Neuroscience, Creativity, and Architecture (2010)