An innovative new Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) was formed in San Diego in the Spring of 2003 by the San Diego Chapter of the AIA. The Academy was formally announced at the Friday plenary session of the AIA Convention in San Diego in June, 2003. The announcement followed a keynote address on architecture and neuroscience by Dr. Fred Gage, a senior neuroscientist at the Salk Institute and past President of the Society for Neuroscience. Dr. Gage later became the second President of ANFA.

The College of Fellows of the AIA announced at the AIA Convention the award of the Latrobe Fellowship to the Academy. This award provided $100,000 in support for the groundbreaking research and development conducted by founding President, John Eberhard, on behalf of the Academy over a two-year period (2003 to 2005).

Within a month of the announcement a 501-C3 (non-profit) registration was obtained from the State of California and the IRS. A Board of Directors was installed, a set of by-laws was adopted and the Academy was officially in business.

The Academy is grateful to the people who were instrumental in its organization including: (note: titles and associations are from 2003, the founding year):

Organizing Committee of the Aia San Diego Chapter for the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture 2003 Legacy Project of the San Diego Architectural Foundation

Alison Whitelaw, FAIA, Chair
San Diego Architectural Foundation President
Platt/Whitelaw Architects

Frederick Marks, AIA
Earl Walls Associates

Gil Cooke, AIA
New School of Architecture and Design

Tom Angelwicz, AIA
Co-chair, AIA San Diego Convention Organizing Committee
M.W. Steele Group

Matt Smith
Case Group Architects

An Advisory Board in the Establishment of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture in 2003 included:

Fred Gage, PhD
Laboratory of Genetics
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

John Eberhard, FAIA
AIA National Director of Research & Planning
The American Institute of Architects

Tom Albright, PhD
Professor and Director
Vision Center Laboratory
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Norman Koonce, FAIA
Executive Vice President and CEO
The American Institute of Architects

Larry Squire, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry, and Neurosciences
School of Medicine
University of California, San Diego

Thompson Penney FAIA
AIA National President 2002-2003
LS3P Associates Ltd

Terrence Sejnowski, PhD
Professor and Laboratory Head
Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Robert Campbell, FAIA
Architectural Critic
The Boston Globe

W. Einar Gall, PhD
Research Director
The Neurosciences Institute

Eduardo R. Macagno, PhD
Founding Dean
Division of Biological Sciences
University of California, San Diego

Harold L. Adams, FAIA, RIBA, JIA
RTKL Associates Inc.

Michael Stepner, FAIA, FAICP
Director of Land Use and Housing
San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

Paul Meyer
Latham & Watkins LLP

Steven Henriksen, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Neuropharmacology
The Scripps In stitute

Richard Saul Wurman, FAIA
President, Wurman, Inc.

Dr. Robert Schuller, Hon. AIA
Pastor, Crystal Cathedral Ministries

Joan Abrahamson, President,
Jonas Salk Foundation