Steven Henriksen, PhD

Vice President for Research & Biotechnology Director, Office of Technology Transfer
Professor of Pharmacology in COMP
Director Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Services
Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences, Founding Dean


University of California , Santa Barbara B.A. 1966 Analytical Biology
Stanford University School of Medicine Ph.D. 1973 Neuroscience
Stanford University Dept. of Psychiatry Postdoctoral 1973-74 Neuroscience NIH/NIMH St. Elizabeth ‘s Hospital, Washington, D.C. Postdoctoral 1974-76 Neuropharmacology

Teaching Experience
He came to Western University in 2005 from the Scripps Research Insitute in La Jolla, California, where he led a multidisciplinary team of scientists investigating feline lentiviruses, Prion disease, the neurocircuitry of brain excitability and arousal, and drug abuse.

ANFA Themes

In addition to being the Vice President for Research and Biotechnology at Western University Dr. Henriksen’s laboratory studies the functional organization of neural circuits where intrinsic capacities for both normal and abnormal brain functions reside. To understand how the brain initiates, promotes, and alters behavior, his goal is to understand the hierarchy that neuronal circuits and their chemical messengers have in producing appropriate responses to external and internal sensory events. This approach requires in vivo studies and is best described as a “systems” analysis of behavior. His colleagues and he employ anatomical, neuropharmacological, electrophysiological, molecular and behavioral tools to reveal the hierarchies of the cellular components of brain circuits underling behavioral integration and functional pathology. They study animals whose central nervous system is either intact but one that can be compromised by either viral infection, genetic manipulations or by molecular engineering.