Matthew Smith, RA, NCARB, LEED@AP, EDAC

Principal Architect
University of California San Diego Facilities Design & Construction


After Graduating in 2001 from Virginia Tech College of Architecture, Matthew moved to California and has since practiced Architecture in San Diego, with some time spent in San Francisco. Healthcare and Civic projects have been his primary focus, and he has endeavored to incorporate sustainable principals as well as Evidence Based design tenets into public spaces and healing environments. In 2013, he joined UC San Diego as a Principal Architect, looking to help develop a thriving Capital program, and engage the vibrant academic and research environment.

ANFA Themes

I have been involved with ANFA since its founding in 2003 as a Legacy project of the AIA National Convention. As a volunteer, then Advisory Council member, and now Board Member, my primary focus has been to promote awareness of the impacts of design on human interaction with the built environment. With an understanding of the physiological responses of the brain to its surroundings that comes from the relatively young and rapidly developing field of Neuroscience, Architects can move beyond intuition, and take a step forward in the evolution of the age-old craft. I look to participate in Education and Research, but hope to identify opportunities for implementation and advancement of ANFA in architectural practice.