Kate Meairs


Kate Meairs, AIA is the Co-Founder and Principal of The RED Office, a San Diego based Design-Build Firm that specializes in experimental and prototype housing.  By controlling the entire process of architecture (finance, design and construction) The RED Office is able to manipulate the living environment and allow for the creation of higher quality buildings. They achieve this by interweaving several disciples not typically introduced to the process including neuroscience.  Meairs is interested in the innovation and evolution of the profession of Architecture as well as how Architects as Developers can open new opportunities for environments we live in.  Meairs has been a member of ANFA since 2003, has interned in Neuroscience Labs at the University of California San Diego and holds a Masters in Architecture and Real Estate Development.

ANFA Themes

As one of the first Architects recruited by John Eberhard, FAIA in 2003 to ANFA, Meairs has been a long-time champion for the integration of neuroscience into the discipline of Architecture and the design of our environment.  A primary key role and priority of ANFA was to bring together both disciples of neuroscience and architecture, Meairs planned the first few of many workshops that began the conversation between the two disciplines.  Meairs has progressed from learning from the sciences to integrating the theories into her practice.